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Think 8, Feel Great


About Hilary


I have worked 27 years as a Registered Nurse and teach student nurses on their clinical placements in hospitals. Educating patients on healthy lifestyle changes was always an important part of my role as a nurse. While nursing I witness many health problems which are out of our control, but also I believe there are many other health problems that could of been prevented or not as severe if a healthy lifestyle was eveyone's priority in life.


When I reflect back on my many years of educating patients, it was often the basic concepts and practices that contributed to health that had been forgotten and that needed to be re-implemented into their everyday lifestyles.


Reminding people that even small healthy lifestyle changes now can cascade into huge positive healthy outcomes long term. 


Your health journey

Our current health status is made up like a huge big jigsaw puzzle. Many different pieces that contribute to the whole over all image. 


I love to guide and support people to live their best life ever; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.


I draw upon knowledge and experience from life and other modalities such as nursing, naturopathy, nutrition, herbalism, Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers, meditation, NER (Naturopathic Emotional Release), and energy work.


Together we will identify areas that require attention and design a treatment plan that suits your individual needs.


I believe reconnecting with our spiritual and energetic selves; mother earth and alternative health services will amplify any positive changes we implement during our health care journey.