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Think 8, Feel Great


About Hilary


I have been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and currently teach student nurses on their clinical placements in hospitals and work in a recovery unit. My background has been in the areas of Nephrology (kidney disease) and Cardiology (heart disease). Educating patients on healthy lifestyle changes is a big part of my job in a cardiac unit. Although there are health problems which are out of our control, I believe many of them can be prevented.

My passion

The goal of my program is to assist people in becoming healthy, enjoying life and prevent as many people as possible ending up in hospital unnecessarily. At first I was concerned that my 8 week program “Think 8, Feel Great” was too easy and basic. When I reflect back on my many years of educating patients, it was often the easy and basic concepts and practices that contributed to health that had been forgotten and that needed to be re-implemented into their everyday lifestyles.

I believe you only have to make small changes into your current lifestyle that in the long term will make major differences to your health and well being. With the help of the “Think 8, Feel Great” program and my personal guidance you will be able to make those minor changes to help you regain and maintain your health.