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About Hilary

Hilary is a qualified Registered Nurse, Naturopath, Nutritionist and a Medical Herbalist. Hilary has also studied Naturopathic Emotional Release Therapy, Reiki, Meditation and Flower Essences and has recently moved her clinic to Redhead, Lake Macquarie, NSW.


Hilary has worked 27 years as a Registered Nurse and teaches student nurses on their clinical placements in hospitals. Educating patients on healthy lifestyle changes was always an important part of a nurses role, especially in the cardiac unit. While nursing, Hilary witnessed many health problems which are out of many patient's control, but also believed there were many other health problems that could of been prevented or may not have been as severe if a healthy lifestyle was a priority in life.


When reflecting back on her many years of educating patients, Hilary states that it was often the basic concepts and practices that contributed to health that had been forgotten and needed to be re-implemented into everyday lifestyles.


Reminding her patients and clients that taking the first step, implementing small healthy lifestyle changes now can cascade into huge positive healthy outcomes long term to live their best life ever!!!


Hilary has faced her own health issues in the past. Unfortunately modern medicine on its own was not helping her heal. She was blessed to have found an amazing natural health practitioner and once underlining contributing factors were identified and treated she started to feel well again for the first time in many years. This highlighted to Hilary the importnace of intergarting both traditional and natural medicine with modern medicine. 


Hilary truly believes that we have an amazing science and medical system today but unfortunelatly many of the traditional healing practices are seen as myths, outdated or not effective. The great news is due to science and research many traditional health care practices are now being proven to work and some are even introduced into mainstream medicine. Hilary hopes that one day in the near furture that instead of traditonal and modern health practitioners opposing each other, they will come together to work in healing the client/patient like they do in other countries around the world.