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Hilary Sansom

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Registered Nurse, Nauropathic Emotional Release Therapy, Reiki, Crystals and Meditation work.

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I love to guide and support people to live their best life ever!!! Most people are aware of the importance of physical and emotional health but not often familiar with their spiritually, and energetic self. I believe all these areas contribute to our health and wellbeing. I therefore utilise several different health and alternative health modalities to amplify positive changes during your health care journey.


Together we will identify areas that require support and design a treatment plan that suits your individual needs.


Naturopathic, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine Consults

3 consults are recommended.

Although easing symptoms is an important part of natural medicine treatment plans, identifying and addressing the underlying cause is the goal. This is why I find 3 consults is aligned with positive results. This also helps people decide if they are ready and commited to making positive changes and keeps them accountable.


1st Initial Consult: Is a complete head to toe assessment physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically (Allow 1 to 1 1/2 hrs). This consult is attended to in person as per current regulations. (This may change depending on health care restrictitions in NSW). Further questionnaires, assessments, test’s, or referrals maybe required between the 1st and 2nd consult. Acute symptom relief may be recommended while healing the underlining cause and improving overall health status.


2nd follow up Consult: Recommended 2-3 weeks post first consult (Allow 1/2hr to 1hr). Involves reviewing any additional questionnaires, assessments, test’s and acute treatments. This consult can be conducted by video call if required. Together a healthcare treatment plan and implementation strategies for the next month is designed.


3rd follow up Consult: Recommended 4 weeks post 2nd consult. The treatment plan and implementation strategies are reviewed and adjusted as required. Any additional health care concerns are discussed. A 4th consult date is booked in.


Once a client has attended an initial consult any post acute care video/phone calls are charged per 15min intervals.


Please take into consideration that although the human body is amazing and designed to heal itself, in 2020 there are so many outside influencing factors, healing may require additional support and time. 


Please email or go to my Desired Health Facebook page to book a consult.


Look forward to supporting and guiding you on your journey to health!!!



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What people are saying about Desired Health

Brilliant program for anyone looking for a healthy change but doesn't know where to start. Simple and easy techniques that will have you healthy in just 8 weeks. "Think 8, feel great"

Jeff Sansom

Hilary knows her stuff and in just 8 weeks, she'll help you create a healthier you!

Rachael Sheldrick

Hilary's experience, knowledge and kindness reaches out from the pages of her book. You will feel healthier by just meeting her! Amazing, simple and logical program that anyone can relate to and follow.

Lou N Ryan S